Growing Home

Prefab? Nah. Try Treehab. As in Tree habitation. I know what you’re thinking, but this isn’t the tree fort you had when you were 10 (or in my case, 17), this is science, baby.

Dr Mitchell Joachim, part of the MIT Media Lab’s Smart Cities Group, ecological engineer Dr Lara Greden and architect / archinect’er Javier Arbona, are proposing a habitat that is actually grown from living trees.

Based on pleaching, an ancient technique of forced Insoculation, the exterior of the house will be formed of criss-cross branches grown over several decades. So if you don’t mind the wait, the ultimate Green House could just be in your future, but if you’ve got a baby on the way, planting an addition isn’t quite practical…yet.

You can read more about the house’s sustainable features here.

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cool! ;) thanks for posting this… ((Just fyi, Mitch is still working on his phd so he’s not a Dr yet.))

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