Archigram Archi-ived

The collected drawings, models, and audio tapes (audio tapes?) of Archigram, the seminal 1960’s architecture collective, will soon be digitzed and made available online. Perhaps BD summed it up best:

Cataloguing the treasure trove of drawings, models and tapes is also expected to unearth long-forgotten sketches and interviews from the group’s hazy 1960s past.”

Oh, those crazy 60’s pasts. I’m sure if I had one, it’d be a little hazy too – or like the guy sleeping on the sidewalk outside my apartment, I’d probably think they’re still happening.

The BD article also mentions the unearthing of recordings made at an Archigram rally. An architecture rally? seriously? What’s wrong with the world today when there aren’t insanely inspired designers holding quasi-fascist assemblies to promote their aesthetic/lifestyle values?

The process will be funded by a £300,000 grant from the Arts & Humanities Research Council won by the University of Westminster.

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