Great Headline, Bad News:

After seeing the horrors of sept11, Jonathan “Yoni” Shimshoni was inspired to create a quick evacuation system for high rise buildings. His company, Escape Rescue Systems, have designed and constructed a prototype life-boat for buildings. Lowered to the street along the side of the building on cables, the “escape pods” then expand to form five cabins designed to lift firefighters up the side of the building, where they help people evacuate through windows. Great idea, right? well, maybe manhattan doesn’t think so.

Among the city’s concerns: there would be confusion over who would operate the system during an emergency; using windows as escape routes can help a fire spread; passengers in the cabins risk passing floors immersed in flames; and the system would be prone to the Titanic effect — chaos over who would be first in line for a limited number of spots in each cabin.

Suggestion: connect these pods to Calatrava’s insane air tram. Temporarily evacuation everyone to Governor’s Island. Or just install air trams connection every building, eschewing ground-based evacutation copmletely while finally paving the way for multi-tiered urban infrastructure. The Future is now.

or something.