Pink Floyd Wright

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason might have been Architect Nick Mason, if only if it weren’t for rock gods Cream.

“SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE turned me from studying architecture to rock ‘n’ roll. We were students at Regent Street Polytechnic and they played at one of our hops. That was the moment I thought, ‘Yes, this is what I want to do.’

Dammit Clapton! When will you quit luring the young and impressionable away from aimless careers as stuggling architects, towards imminent rock superstardom?!?

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That explains why I like Pink Floyd the same way I appreciate such bands as Talking Heads and The Pet Shop Boys.


i was once told that Neil Pert studiend architecture too. couldn’t confirm it online, but i did learn that he REALLY loved ayn rand…

close enough, perhaps.

and the list goes on… Justine Freischman from Elastica was a budding architect.. Brett Anderson from Suede was an aspiring planner – which explains his demeanour…

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