Foster’s seeing Red

Is that inappropriate? Regardless, Foster continues to be the go-to-guy for iconic skyscrapers – sorry Calatrava, we’re stilling waiting for yours. This new 600 meter tall Moscow structure, the Russian Tower, will stand 50% taller than the Empire State Building and give Moscow its own Gherkin. (again, vaguely inappropriate?)

Foster describes the Russian Tower, in almost Koolhaasian terms, as a “vertical city.” and much like, oh lets say, this building, it will house an incredibly diverse program; parking and retail space on nine underground levels, a public ice rink on the first floor under a spacious, pyramidal atrium, a hotel with serviced apartments above, 24 floors of office, high-end apartments on the top levels and a public observation deck at the very top. (I suppose its inevitable that “Vertical cities” become the new standard in tower development, although i’m starting to miss the days where a building is designed for a singular purpose.) Foster also stresses the building’s sustainable aspects – natrual ventilation, rainwater collection, etc. etc. – and inherent resistance of the tri-pod like structure to a “sept. 11-style attack.”

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it looks like the fin of marky mark’s space shuttle that crashed in the desert in tim burton’s planet of the apes…
I’m working on a competition now. Feels like being back in school again. good times hombra.
Hope you’re falling in love in san-fran. peace peanuthead.

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