He’s a Pinball Wizard/ There’s got to be a Schlitz

As an avid pinball player for many a year, I’m faced with the same problem whenver I step up to the flippers. It’s a problem that’s been plaguing mankind for decades: Where do you put your beer when you’re racking up free games on the old pinball machine? The glass? Clearly not, as that would obscure gameplay. On a barstool? Great, until some asshole takes the stool. Rest easy because now there is an answer. Jon Wechsel and Alex Hamner have come up with a simple, elegant solution, so that even deaf, dumb, blind, and drunk kids can play that silver ball. From their website:

These units are manufactured from quality made steel that has been powder coated in either silver or black. The most important feature of our design of the holders is that they do not harm the pinball machine in any way. The unit is mounted to the front leg of the machine using the existing two leg bolts. This is important because, as all pinball machine owners know, any modification to the cabinet can cause the machine’s value to decrease significantly.

Bonus Feature: now that tilting the machine might spill your pint, everyone has to play fair.

In The United States, the Leg-mount cup holder is available from Bay Area Amusements, and in Europe, from The Pinball Heaven.