Museum Plaza: Homicidal Sociopath?

Wow. James Howard Kunstler hates the Museum Plaza. An excerpt from his “eyesore of the month” column:

Indeed, the aim of all Koolhaas’s work has been to confound our expectations about how the city and its buildings ought to work, and to find ever more innovative ways to make people uncomfortable, while doing everything possible to disregard the public realm. Is it not evident by now that the cutting edge of architecture is a razor blade poised against our society’s own throat.

[emphasis mine]

Best. Review. Ever. I’m not sure what’s better; the dire prediciton of a energy-scarce anti-future or the implication that it will be brought about by contemporary architecture.

Thanks andrew for the link!

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I’ve been having some back & forth with Kunstler. He blames the entire project on OMA. I say that a project that bad needs an evil developer abetted by a starchitect. JHK believes Koolhaas has led the innocents down the garden path. What’s your belief?

I LOVE the Museum Plaza. I think it’s fascinating and gives some diversity to our city (I love our unique Main Street that has preserved the past, but love the modern works too including Michael Graves’ Humana Building, our Kentucky Center for the Arts, and now the proposed Museum Plaza). I think Kunstler is too self-absorbed and must think his view is the end-all (and looking at his blog and he sounds a little “out there”). Bravo OMA!!

…. always entice using razor, cutting and castrating metaphors. society own throut is being cut not by architecture – it means nothing, really – but by the bad, horrible and frivolous use of strong imagery to assert opinions. fuck you! hahha that last was a joke, sorry. but indeed. what a crap, we only see the fucking photo of the façade and bla bla bla bla… where is the fucking blueprints, where is the fucking vertical cuts… so we can really discuss the matter! thank you!

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