If You’re Reading This, BMW Wants You.

Falling Water sits idylically over its little waterfall – an image that even your mom can recognize – when suddenly a wrecking ball swings into frame, mercilessly smashing those elegant cantilevered balconies we all hold so dear.

And this is how BMW is courting the Creatives; by strumming on our aesthetic hearstrings. “What if great ideas weren’t cherished?” they ask us. “What if they carried no importance? Or held no value?” The new advertising campaign, entitled “Ideas are Everything,” seems to be targeted towards a new audience – people who may not have previously considered buying a BMW. People who just. might. be. design saavy. Focusing less on performance and luxury, and more on passion and inspiration, GSD&M, the company behind the commercials, have chosen to showcase BMW’s Zaha Hadid-designed Leipzig plant in each of their new commercials.

Also worth noting, BMW advertisements will run on websites like these, while new print advertisements will run in magazines such as Architectural Digest and Dwell, because those are the things that, you know, cool people read.

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BMW could have used someone to not cherish the ass end of the 7 series, and find no importance in the I-Drive. “Great Ideas” my butt.

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