Vlad the Inheritor

The headline read “Architect to Inherit Dracula’s Castle.” (Under no circumstances, by the way, should this to be confused with “Dracula inherit’s Architect’s Castle” – referring, of course, to Mr. Childs, Mr. Libeskind, and a certain downtown Manhattan development.) At a ceremony this Friday, Bran Castle – the 13th century Transylvanian fortress that inspired Bram Stoker’s depiction of the vampire’s lair – will be returned to New York Architect Dominic von Habsburg. Mr. von Habsburg and his family were expelled from the castle in 1948 by Romania’s communist government.

Thanks in part to Stoker’s novel, but perhaps moreso to Keanu Reeve’s immortal performance as Mr. Jonathan Harker, Bran Castle has become one of Romania’s leading tourist attractions. A place where, The Guardian tells us, “peasants sell Dracula sweaters and bottles of Dracula wine…

Wait…peasants still exist?