March and April brought with them a mini life-overhaul and a hiatus in blogging, and I’ve been recently trying to get back in the swing of things here at Life Without Buildings. So to that effect, I’m hoping that “Artifacts + Elements” will be a regular post where I can briefly catch up with some of the week’s news items, post some photos, or just link to cool pages.

I’ve updated the sidebar with new and revised links. They’re now more clearly divided into categories, with new additons “Design + Technology,” “San Francisco,” and “Music + Media” (my tastes lean towards the indie-yuppie, I’m afraid). More slight changes are probably in store, so if you spot any browser compatibility problems, or have a tip or suggestion, please let me know.

Check out some of the links if you have a second. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the pleasantly diverse musings at Architecture + Morality (Not to be confused with the OMD album), the impecable taste of Josh Spear and Product Dose, the beautifully savy links from The Apt’s broadcast, and of course, the psychotechnogeographical treasure chest that is BLDG BLOG – who somehow continue to reveal worlds I had no idea existed.