Have Your House and Eat it Too

Cleaning out the TiVO this weekend, I found a few forgotten recordings, including Food Network Challenge: Incredible Edible Mansions. Most of the *ahem* “mansions” were elaborate, typical gingerbread fare. One ambitious young chef, however, decided to interpret F-dub’s Fallingwater.
Much like the original, the strength of Gingerbread Fallingwater’s cantilevers was a cause of concern, and also like the original, although there was some drooping they didn’t snap. The site – so important to Fallingwater – was of course, an important element in this competition entry. To avoid disqualification, the entire hosue must be edible, and the site is no exception. It’s made entirely from rice krispie treats with spun sugar foliage.

In the end, the Gingerbread Victorian won out over the modern masterpiece. Art imitating life, I guess…

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