Local Find: South Beach Harbor Building

Out on the Bay, in the shadow of AT&T Park, sits the South Beach Harbor Services Building.

Part of a Harbor improvement project that began in 1999, the 12,000 square foot, light-flooded building includes a community meeting room, public restrooms, non-profit work areas; the harbormaster’s office and maintenance shop; boater showers and laundry; and rental space for the South Beach Yacht Club.

Above, you can see a schematic elevation that differs slightly from the final built work. The revisions make better use of the versatility of the louver system assembly, creating a more unified facade. [click images to increase size]

The wooden screen not only protects the Southwest-facing facade from direct sunlight, but also creates enclosures for balconies and walkways and gives the simple rectangular-in-plan building a sense of dynamicism while conjuring metaphors of sailing.

I’ve found a lot of publicity and fundraising information online, but nothing on who actually designed the building, so if anyone knows who the architects were, please leave a comment.

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