ooh…Pout for me Jacques!

I like a lot of their work – especially the <a href=”
“>new DeYoung – but geez…Herzog & deMeuron sure seem like real assholes. First, they’re making <a href=”
“>shit-smelling perfume, then they’re posing pretentiously (they can’t helpt it! they’re swiss!) for the essential <a href=”
“>photo shoot that completes each H&dM project, and now they’re giving annoying answers to interview questions. In an interview with the New York Magazine, pouty Jacques Herzog lets us know that he’s smarter and more important than…well, everyone else.

What do you think of the new MoMA?
I am not so interested in answering that kind of question. I think the design they have gotten is quite exactly what they wanted, which is within the tradition of the history of the museum.

Why did you put Tupperware in your exhibit?
Why do you ask me about Tupperware? Why not about chairs?

Chairs are something that architects often design. Tupperware is not something people connect with serious architecture.
I think it is as serious as anything else. Honestly, I am not interested in design at all, whether it is a chair or a table. It fits well because of the size and the proportion. That’s basically it.

Do you collect anything yourself?
Actually, I hate collections…

So maybe it’s just Jacques, but you get the idea. And why doesn’t Pierre ever talk?

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