reNew Orleans

Ok, I’m sick and I seem to have misplaced my camera, but I assure you, by hook or by crook I’ll be posting Fed Building pics soon…I think.

In the meantime, some other Mayne news.

The Times Pic introduces New Orleans to Thom Mayne.

Architect Thom Mayne found time in his hectic schedule last week to stroll a public plaza in Venice, soaking up the sights and sounds of the ever-inundated city by the sea. He would present a lecture in Moscow later that day, but he had a few free hours before his flight. Venice, Moscow, Istanbul and Paris were on Mayne’s whirlwind weeklong itinerary, before he would wing home to Los Angeles.

What will the historically historic natives of New Orleans think of this jet-setting 60-something bad-boy (and other hyphenated adjectives) architect? Only time – and editorials – will tell.

Some early commentary from the Gambit Weekly:

Mayor Nagin and Gov. Kathleen Blanco heaped praise on the proposal. The mayor called it “breathtaking.” We agree — and we call on the mayor, the governor, City Council members, lawmakers and the local business community to make it happen. This is precisely the kind of forward-looking vision that New Orleans needs right now.

…Now comes the hard part: making it all happen. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina and a tough re-election campaign, the mayor has promised to ramp up his staff and work more closely with other public officials. This is his chance to deliver on those promises. Strategic and other investors have carried the ball so far, but it will take an all-out effort by city and state officials to make the project a reality. Specifically, a public-private partnership must be formed to take ownership of the project, and Mayor Nagin should personally lead that effort. If it comes to fruition, the National Jazz Center could become Nagin’s legacy — and the anchor of New Orleans’ post-Katrina recovery.

Well put. Here’s hoping the Mayor takes the lead, even though the city might not be so “chocolate” afterall.