Design Within Eat, or "Form Follows Flavor"

I love to eat. A good meal should be like theatre – engrossing, pleasureable, activating all the senses, and uniting people in a shared experience. Not too different from architecture either, and like many other designers I’ve met in San Francisco, on my coffe table you’ll find a copy of Saveur siting right next to Metropolis and Architectural Record. That’s why I was so pleased to see this article frin Rob Forbres, founder of Design Within Reach, who compares the appreciation of fine cuisine with that of fine design.

It’s no surprise that many designers are good cooks. If a designer were to show a lack of interest in the culinary field, we might doubt his or her ability to design for the human condition in any form. And it is around tables and bars where many of our most meaningful personal and professional dialogues take place. The right wine or dessert seems to enhance and stimulate our mental and physical palette. You will not likely make good design decisions with your client at a cheesy fast food joint.

It’s a great little essay, and if you have any interest in food (which apparently you should), def check it out.

The article also includes a couple recipes for Watermelon Salad and and accompanying call for entries “soliciting recipes for the best in modern design for food. ” The top ten entries will get published, so put on your black Prada apron and get to it. Better yet, leave your best recipe in the comments.

“Context and memory play powerful roles in all the truly great meals in one’s life.”
-Anthony Bourdain

  • My compliments to the chef…and architect []