What is Monometro?

London 2012? yes please.

The ultimate advantage of the low cost MonoMetro railway track is that it supports a broad carrying capacity range of vehicles spanning from Mass Transit (20,000 pphpd) Medium Range Tramway class (7-10,000 pphpd) to Personal Rapid Transit vehicles carrying 12 passengers per vehicle. It is thus ideally suited to an extremely broad range of application from airports to urban and interurban metro.

Awesome. Finally. Just a few more years and we’ll all be zipping across Europe in our own Peronal Rapid Transit pods.

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    I’ve always loved the idea of monorails, since visiting Epcot Center in Florida as a kid. If they could be used for both public and personal vehicles, incorporate solar power, and use magnetic repulsion to reduce energy… We’d have a great new highway system.

    Then I’d say we could build monorails 30′ off the ground, the government could sell (to fund the project) all the pavement for residential and commecial use (kinda like the railroads way back)… ah, if only!

    Great site. I hope you don’t mind I’ve linked to here from my blog. Keep up the great work. Cheers.

    Another Personal Rapid Transit “faith based” gizmo. Just get the complete
    episodes of the Jetson’s on DVD and
    you will be closer to reality.

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