Will Alsop: London Architecture Tsar?

oh please oh please oh please let this happen. It’s no secret, I love that crazy bastard’s work. He’s exactly what we need to freshen up an industry that’s taking inteself much to seriously and is increasingly concerned with creating sterile icons and masterbatory signatures.

Today, <a href=”,,1842185,00.html
“>the guardian reports that Britain’s enfant terrible is a frontrunner in the race to become director of design for London.

“There is a huge diversity of architecture which is not being reflected in what we see in London,” he said. “The general public is much more adventurous than we give them credit for…. I am calling for a change in attitude and style. Obviously he represents the status quo and I’m just saying it is time for a change. What I would represent is a shift in generation.”

Of course, there’s some politic’n to overcome – it wouldn’t be an Alsop story without controversy and intrigue – but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. It would be so damn exciting to see how Alsop challenges the establishment from such a lofty position, encouraging a major metropolis to embrace the vanguard of architecture on a grand scale.

Here’s his recent proposal for the northern British town, Middlehaven.
[click for larger image]

Now, wouldn’t London look great with this treatment?

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