Absolutely Pre-fabulous

This week, Michelle Kaufmann Designs unveiled their newest modular, sustainable, and modern home design – the MK Solaire.

Pretty nice, eh? In a previous post, I mentioned that Michelle first introduced this slick new design in her speech at the Dwell on Design Conference, but I unfortunately didn’t have any pictures. Well, images are now available online and I have to say that I think it’s by far MKD’s most beautiful (and most expensive, i’m sure) yet. The Solaire is decidedly less prefab-looking than the Glidehouse and the Sunset Breezehouse because it’s been strategically designed for a much different purpose – “to offer healthy living in the city.” Traditionally, the drawback to an urban lot is its limited accessibility to light and air. Through clever planning, MKD have overcome this dogmatically accepted urban condtion to “sculpt light and air into the center of the home.”

As I previously mentioned, the mk Solaire is developer-friendly. Built around an organizational strategy that maximizes flexibility for multiple units or duplex developments, it really is, as the website says, “a perfect fit for a modern, eco-friendly community.”

Some stats:

  • The Solaire is constructed in Michelle Kaufmann Designs wholly owned factory
  • It can completed within 14 months from the first design meeting
  • A typical house will cost between $200 and $250 per square foot
  • Optional roof access level and roof garden
  • Every mkSolaire home is solar-ready. The home can be fitted with solar panels upon delivery
  • Other options include a geothermal system, a wind generator system, or hybrid systems.
  • Interested? Check out MKD’s website for more information.

    Still not sure? Well, just check out how easy it is to build one of these:

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    We love this design. It really is fantastic! In fact, we’re kind of prefab junkies at this point. We did a few interviews with the prefab folks at the Dwell On Design conference, and hope to run them in a few weeks. (the first video you already saw on, but it’s still up there). “Absolutely Pre-fabulous!”

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