San Francisco’s urban-environment-artists/activists, Rebar (whose PARK(ing) Day is soon approaching) have started a new series of public art projects collectively referred to as COMMONspace. The projects are based on and in 14 urban spaces created as a result of a 1985 San francisco plan requiring that all high density developments include spaces that are “open to the public.” These privately-owned public open space, or “POPOS,” are under constant surveillance, challenging their classification as truly public spaces. In collaboration with performance art group Snap Out of It, Rebar will be challenging the social codes inherent in these spaces while engaging public participation. For example, Paraformance 001 determined that at 235 2nd: “although it is pants-only (unposted rule), it is tolerant of improper lunchtime touching (ILT).” Clearly, this is priceless information that would have otherwise gone undiscovered.

Documentation of the COMMONspace “paraformances” will be published online and installed as an evolving exhibition in San Francisco’s Southern Exposure gallery. More information, plus a map of the POPOS can be found here.

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