Koolhaas at Cornell

Today, Rem Koolhaas will unveil his design for the new College of Architecture, Art and Planning at his alma matter (of sorts), Cornell:

Waitaminute….Is that the Farnsworth House? Apparently, having exhausted their own catalog of design, OMA will now be mercilessly plundering the history of modernism – and with a rendering budget that just isn’t what it used to be. “The box is always an isolated thing,” he’s quoted as saying in the New York Times. “But here, we use the box as a connector. You could say it’s a postmodern use of the box.” Post Modern, indeed. Or maybe post-modern Modern? Or some interpretation of post post-modern…

Anyway, check out the New York Times article for other choice Rem quotes like “apparent warfare between blob and box,” and “trying to short-circuit that dialectic.” Oh Rem…I never know if I love to hate you or hate to love you.

  • A World-Famous Architect Goes Home [NYT]