ReNew Orleans: GREEN.O.LA

This week, Global Green announced the winner of their sutainable design competition for New Orleans. “GREEN.O.LA,” designed by New York firm worshop/apd, will be built in the Holy Cross Neighborhood of the 9th Ward. Construction is slated to begin later this year on the first GREEN.O.LA buildings, with the ambitious goal of completing 15 homes within the next year – at least, that’s what co-sponsor Brad Pitt said on the news. And by news I mean the today show.

[pictures taken from worshop/apd’s entry boards. The full boards can be seen here.] Among other green elements, the winning design features a green screen wall, sod roof, and solar-heated water distribution. The Holy Cross development will include a 12 unit multi-family housing building, six single family homes and a community center.

On a personal note, seeing my old professors talking to Brad Pitt on national television was a quick reminder of just how much has changed during this past year.

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