Alsop on 2012, Gingerbread

Via The Guardian’s 2006 in review: architecture, Will Alsop on the 2012 London Olympics and the dismissal of the Old Guard:

It’s very sad that the British press are beginning to do to the Olympics what they did to the Millennium Dome. For me, the sad thing about the Olympics is that it isn’t reflecting the genuine talent we have here in the capital, due to a severe dose of risk aversion. Next year, I hope we might see some of the old guard of London moving over and allowing room for new Londoners. I’m talking about the Fosters and the Rogers, and the Yentobs and the Serotas. They’ve done a fantastic job – but it’s time for change.

Apropos Mr. Alsop, and in preparation for the Holidays, here’s a gingerbread Peckham Library:

This edible edifice was designed and constructed by Toronto’s SMC Alsop, by invitation from the Toronto Star. Check out the other submissions by some of Toronto’s hottest architects.