Ole Scheeren Talks CCTV has a great interview with Ole Scheeren, The partner-in-charge at OMA. discusses his life, the CCTV building, and the current state of contemporary architecture in Beijing.

FMCS: Why didn’t you just follow the ongoing trend to build another skyscraper just aiming for height?

The race for height is pointless – dominance of the skyline by being the tallest is something you can only lose. There will always be someone taller.

We were looking for an identity of the skyscraper that would emerge from other aspects – from its programmatic arrangement, its social impacts, its spatial engagement with its context – we wanted to break the traditional hierarchy implied in the vertical line.

CCTV is a loop folded in space, it creates a circuit of interconnected activities and joins all aspects of television making in one single organism. The loop acts as a non-hierarchical principle, with no beginning and end, no top and bottom, in which all elements form part of a single whole.

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