Less than Meets the Eye

Bloomframe is a window. No…Bloomframe is a balcony. No, that’s not quite right either. It’s both…but neither, really. At first Glance, Bloomframe, designed by Dutch architecture firm Hofman Dujardin, seems like an awesome idea. It looks cool, it moves (that’s pretty hip, I guess), it’s Dutch, it can be installed in existing buildings, and apparently cute Dutch girls just can’t get enough of it (and that NEVER goes out of style).

Unfortunately, I’m not so sure it’s practical. As a window, its a little high for my tastes, and personally I don’t really want muddy tread plate as wall ornament. Maybe if the materials were a little different – if the decking was made from wood slats or another material that might complement the interior wall finish – THEN my interests would be perked, because I want to love this thing, I really do. I’ve always had a bit of thing for a useful, adaptable facade, and Bloomframe is a great idea.

It’s just not all there yet.

  • via Gizmodo
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