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In less than one month’s time, I’ll be leaving for a much-anticipated vacation to Japan! Planning for the trip is well underway, but if anyone has any hot tips or recomendations – architectural or otherwise – please leave a comment or email me! We’ll be spending most of our time in/around Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.

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Visit the island of Naoshima for a surreal Tadao Ando experience and read the book Pet Architecture for some wonderful idiosyncratic Tokyo spaces!

It is nothing architectual but Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Ebisu has great exhibitions all the time!

If you’re going to visit a bunch of temples in Kyoto, I’d recommend picking up a stamp book, an accordian-type blank book that you can get stamped and calligraphied at each temple you visit. You can pick one up at any temple; they only cost the equivalent of $5-10 and each stamp is about a buck. Typically they’re signed by a priest, though whoever does it’s great to watch the skill of them signing. And of course you’ll have a unique souvenir, something that tracks your journey and that you can’t just buy in a store.

I visited Tokyo just about a year ago… You will have such a great time. In addition to all of the comments above, I’d suggest a visit to Ometesando Shopping District. There are several architecturally interesting projects located within a block from each other, including the Ometesando Hills by Tadao Ando. Also, the Prada store is within 2 blocks of this area on Ometesando.

I can’t wait to hear all about your trip. I’ve added your blog to my sidebar, so I can be sure to keep up!

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