Le’go my Lego…Sculpture

If Antony Gormley was locked in a toy store for a month with nothing but Existentialist texts, he might produce something akin to the work of New York sculptor Nathan Sawaya. Inspiring, yet with decidedly disturbing undertones, his work his the perfect sythesis of my childhood and quasi-adult interests. Yes, I proudly admit to being the cliche architect (ok, ok…designer) who was obsessed with Legos as a child.

“The Art of the Brick,” an exhibition of Saway’s work, is currently touring the country. From an interview on

CNN: What does LEGO capture that other media do not?

SAWAYA: LEGO is something that almost everyone has played with at some point in their lives. I notice a lot of times when people go to my shows they want to touch the sculptures.

I receive many e-mails from people who have seen my work and are then inspired to get down on the floor with their kids and build. In fact, the museum show also has a building area for kids who are inspired to build their own artwork after seeing my pieces.

See more of the interview, as well as a gallery of Sawaya’s work at

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