Gigantor Protects Kobe

Gigantor, Gigantor, Gigantor.

Gigantor the space aged robot,
Is at your command.
Gigantor the space aged robot,
His power is in your hand.

He’s bigger than big, taller than tall,
Quicker than quick, stronger than strong.
Ready to fight for right, against wrong.

Gigantor, Gigantor, Gigantor.

Is it wrong that I remember the entire theme song? Newsarama reports that Kobe, Japan will soon be the proud home Gigantor. The 18-metre high statue will serve double duty as both a memorial marking the birthplace of Gigantor creator Mitsuteru Yokoyama, and a massive, MASSIVE tourist attraction. Rest assured, the Kobe Koban will be on the highest alert to ensure that Gigantor’s remote doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

For testing purposes and zoning review, the nation’s top robotic experts and giant-statue-ophiles have created this highly technological, precisely-scaled approximation of the Gigantor Statue:

Locations have yet to be announced for Voltron and Mecha-Godzilla statues.

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  1. For fans of giant sculpture, what about David David Adickes? I went to a party in this guy’s warehouse-cum-studio once, in Houston. The room was filled with 20-foot presidential capitals.

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