A Mission Story

The Mission Stencil Story,”Why Does She Love the Moon?”I can’t believe I missed this. Sadly, a lot of it is gone now.For more info, click here or here.City as story or story as city? If something like this were ever appropriated by more official civic-oriented forces, it could be an amazing device for tourism. Follow an elaborate narrative through the city while your choices determine what you see and where you go. It could even be integrated with local businesses – order a double americano at an out-of-the-way cafe and get another clue. Such a beautiful, inspiring idea. And a great way to spend a sunny afternoon in San Francisco.

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How cool. There is an element of admiration of creativity, time committed and out right story telling that is so inspiring about this. Early this year I saw “commercial” version of this in I think Minneapolis, advertising a new Gander Mountain store (?). Which was not a cool. In my town (Grand Rapids, Michigan) students have done one-off stencils to promote any given political perspective… I like the story idea the best… I will keep my eye looking all around… and down for now on !

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