The Swipe File

On the left, this week’s New York Times Magazine cover. On the right, Lead Pencil Studio’s Stairway. Elsewhere in this week’s magazine, an article on urban revenge thrillers reminded me of an old LWB review of Death Wish 2, the tale of a vigilante architect. An excerpt from that post:

Shortly into the film, after his daughter is murdered, Bronson’s client kindly informs him that “the building can wait,” and our hero seeks solace in the mountains. Plotting revenge while chopping wood, we see him for who he truly is – the Howard Roark of ass kicking. Although, as I would soon learn, that veiled complement might be a bit too generous, because soon enough, we’re shown renderings of his design – an unfortunately proportioned office park monstrosity complete with “sculpted angels blowing horns.” No! Bronson! Surely your tortured soul can create an edifice to provoke fear and inspiration! A building so potent in its heart-felt purity, it can reform any criminal who walks through its doors! …Alas, it is not to be, and I suppose I can forgive him this indiscretion. His mind is, of course, on other things. It’s like the old saying goes, “mediocre architect, gifted vigilante.” 

Really, I just wanted another excuse to use this image: