Dwell on Design – Dan Maginn

This morning’s most entertaining presentation was given by from Dan Maginn, principle of the Kansas City-based architecture firm el dorado inc.Speaking as a representative of the Counterintuitive Comparison Institute of America (“like you – only more so”), Maginn’s presentation, “The Big Chart: Recent Developments in Counter-Intuitive Comparison” was a hilarious look at a unique design classification system. (Is it just me or is Borges’ The Analytical Language of John Wilkins an incredibly popular reference right now?) Described in the schedule as “A highly idiosyncratic ratings systems for all things designed,” The Big Chart is a near-infinite NCAA-like bracket. By utilizing highly scientific factors such as the astonishment index and fascination coefficients, it is able to determine important truisms – like the fact that Justin Timberlake and Maria Sharapova reading Encyclopedia Brown paperbacks in their underwear is a good thing. Clearly, this is incredibly valuable research.More of Maginn’s writings can be seen @ the el dorado website, as well as Dwell Magazine

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This was a fantastic presentation. I’ve been thinking of it ever since, asking my somewhat confused husband (who didn’t attend the conference) questions like, “which is better – a firetruck or this burrito”? The question is, will Dwell be uploading his video so these kinds of questions can become part of my family’s daily inquiry? Many thanks.

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