Dwell on Design: San Francisco

This morning didn’t start well. I woke up to find that someone had knocked over my scooter. A potential disaster, but thankfully it only suffered minor damage and a flooded engine.  After a short wait a quick fix, I was sputtering and chainsawing my way to Dwell on Design.  Alas, another problem. I got lost in the shuffle and somehow didn’t get registered as an attendee. A great start to this Friday, to be sure.Soon enough, I had my credentials and the minute the conference started, things dramatically improved. Anyway,  I thought I’d type up a brief summary in the break before the next session starts. Link updates and more detailed posts will follow.Mark Lakeman, Co-Founder, CityRepair Project and Design Principal Communitecture, was the morning’s first speaker, and spoke about city repair, specifically in relation to his home town, Portland Oregon.  Using monopoly as metaphor, Lakeman spoke of the american attitude towards construction and community. Gentrification as a game where the goal is to build houses, only to raze them and replace them with hotels, and the only shared space is a parking lot and a jail.  Most of his presentation focused on Street intersection in Portland where the communities are beginning to reclaim space and (re)create true interstions – places where people come together.whoops, out of time! more to come!