Happy Park(ing) Day!

Some Park(ing) spaces in SOMA, visited during lunch today:More info on Park(ing) Day can be found here, here, and here.

4 replies on “Happy Park(ing) Day!”

If by “completely awesome” you mean “appealing to a overly pretentious and slightly ironic crowd that’s hiiper than thou” then yes you’re right. Just look at the photos.

Do you work for the Urban Parking Space Coalition or something? Why so down on a fun, well-intended project that beautifies the city for a day and brings strangers together for a walk through the city or quick game of croquet?

I don’t think it’s really fair to base your opinion of the entire project on 7 photos. 7 photos taken in SoMA, mostly around architect’s offices and art galleries – which might explain your feeling that the crowd is “pretentious and slightly ironic.”

I assure you, it was anything but. I’ll get some more photos up that hopefully change your mind. old people, kids, babies, moms, artists, farmers, cab drivers, architects, businessmen…the list goes on. everyone seemed to really be enjoying not only the parks, but also each other’s company.

One of these parks will even become a permanent fixture. The Park(ing) spaces have gotten a lot of attention and really seem to be opening the minds of policy makers. God forbid a pretentious art project affect some positive change in the city.

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