Erwin Wurm

This weekend, a friend introduced me to the work of Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, whom I suppose could best be described as a conceptual sculptor. His medium varies – from drawings to photography to foam to performance – but regardless of form and material, there are common themes throughout the work. Most notably, a sort of demystifying of art and it’s related fields – a figurative, and sometimes literal, deflation.The following examples aren’t particularly representative of his work as a whole, but since this is supposed to be an architecture blog, they’re probably the most interesting to you, dear reader. Plus, the field of architecture can always use a little deflating.
Fat House Moller/adolf Loos
Am I a House?
House Attack. image via flickr usr Dom Dada]
More of Wurm’s work can be seen at Artnet.

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House Attack
by Erwin Wurm
at MUMOK Vienna

Language is the house of Being. – Heidegger
Now house is the language of Being… – Wurm
How’s house the language of Being? – Heidegger
Now house, how’s the language of Being? – MUMOK
How’s whose house now the language of Being? – House
How’s house who’s the language of being? – MUMOK
How’s house the language of Being? – House
How house the house house? – MUMOK
How house the how’s house? – House
How house, house! – MUMOK
How hows? – House

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