Words of Wisdom from the AIA

Who knew that Autumn was AIA recruitment season? This gem of an advertisement landed in a coworkers mailbox this week:If you join the AIA, essential wisdom like this is at your disposal. Please click the above image for even more sage words of wisdom from the dominant organization of the profession, who, judging from these new advertisements, will mostly just teach you how to pick up chicks.

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I don’t quite get it, are they implying that architects are poor, desperate… lonely… boring?


These are priceless. I’m surprised to see them coming from the AIA though. What was the point of the campaign again??

i can’t figure out if you’re joking or not… there’s no mention of these beauties on the AIA website.

ya this is totally serious .. I received the mailing and was shocked that that’s how they were getting people to sign up. as a non member getting ready to become one, it makes me really disappointed with AIA and how they see themselves (architects). it’s bad enough that some people perceive architects as “oh hail mighty architect” I just hope this mailing doesn’t influence architects to be, to think that they are up on a pedestal to the average joe.

These cards, which are taken out of context, were only part of the recruitment piece. I believe it is referred to as “humor”, you may want to look into it.

I am an architect who has no sense of humor. Now people think I do. Thanks AIA! Seriously, I was shocked to see this in the mail. It’s a welcome change. Good work AIA!

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