976 sq. ft.

Published in the Fall 2007 issue of FantagraphicsMome, is a story entitled 976 sq. ft.  Written and illustrated by Tom Kaczynski, 976 sq. ft. tells the tale of a modern residential tower rising in a quickly gentrying neighborhood. The physical and psychological impact of this new structure is presented through the perspective of a young couple who live just across the street. An excerpt:[ click the image for a larger version ]It’s a very well told story. Notice in the above image how in the center panel, the depiction of the tower expands to dominate the page as it begins to dominate her consciousness. And that last line…well, that’s just incredible.“uh…I need an ambulance… or an architect.”If you have any interest in comics or cartooning, I definitely recommend check out Mome, or almost anything else published by Fantagraphics.

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