Close Your Eyes and Think of England

London London London! Perhaps Oscar Wilde put it best: “I love London society! It is entirely composed now of beautiful idiots and brilliant lunatics. Just what Society should be!”I have to admit, after last week’s vacation, London’s dark and rainy days are tempting me from the fair skies of San Francisco. Guided by brilliant lunatics well-traveled through the forests of galleries and brick alleyways, I was led to the East, where crumbling buildings occasionaly part to reveal hidden contemporary gems. East! Where I spent my days peering through the windows of David Adjaye’s buildings and my nights peeping through the windows of Gilbert & George’s flat. When I was previously in London, I must admit that I never ventured too far from center of the city or the comfort of a well-established museum. So it was a true pleasure to see some different parts of the city, where beautiful decay, hidden galleries, and closed tube stations were follies in picturesque gardens of brick.The skyline bursting with cranes, London looks like a postwar city. I had no idea there was so much construction! The booming economy and approaching Olympics are changing the face of London and it seems like an incredible time to be working there.I think I’ll be digesting everything I saw (and drank) for quite some time. A couple more London posts are surely forthcoming, but for now, a 7-photo summary of my trip:

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i work right next to shoreditch town hall (second pic)….

east london has a real charm about it …. ive heard it best described as ‘just like soho (london) but without the tourists’

also … did you get a burger from brick lane (first pic) … .that is my favorite place to go for burgers … oh and of course their legendary bagels


More on the Idea Store in a later post. I thought that was an incredibly successful building.

And set_sq, I definitely had a few salted beef bagels – usually while stumbling home. Few things have ever tasted so good.

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