Magazines, Announcements, and Awards

Catching up with a bit of inbox overload this week. Some announcements from your favorite magazines. First up, the winners of the AR Awards for Emerging Architecture were recently announced:

Wall House. by FAR: Frohn & Rojas, of Santiago.

Vegetation Installation, by Taketo Simohigoshi/AAE of Tokyo.

Ecoboulevard, by the Madrid-based Ecosistema Urbano Arquitectos.

Next up, Metropolis is currently accepting entries for the eleventh annual EDRA/Places Awards for Place Design, Planning and Research.

They’re also looking for submissions for the 2008 Next Generation Design Competition. This year’s theme is WATER:

We call on your innovative design solutions at all scales and sizes—products, interiors, buildings, landscapes, communication systems, or anything else you’ve dreamed up—for handling this most precious and most threatened natural resource. The time for new thinking on water is now.

The deadline for this one is January 4th, so quit reading blogs and get designin’.

And last but most certainly not least, Wallpaper Magazine has launched another new feature to their website, which has drastically improved in both quality and content during this past year. With an interface very similar to their 101 Architects Directory, The Wallpaper Graduate Directory features 110 recent graduates in the fields of design, fashion, photography, art, and graphics. Below, the “Theatre for Magicians,” designed by Sara Shafei of the Bartlett School of Architecture, London.

Life Without Buildings is inspired to champion a new cause: More Architecture for Magicicans!

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The new AR Award winners is grea!!. One of last years winners of hounorbale mention, from norway has published movies of his projects. Better then still photo I would say. very cool.Found it here:

I was truley suprised aboput the look of zaha hadids pavillion…

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