Kicked to the Curbed

Hi readers. It’s been while since we’ve talked. How are things? Did you have a nice holiday? Good. Well, you may have noticed the drop off in posting lately. Sorry about that, but there’s a good reason this time. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to get my sea legs as the new contributing editor over at Curbed SF. Eventually posting will continue here, I promise. Until then, check out Curbed to stay up to date with all your SF related urban goodness. Why not start with a tour of Daniel Libeskind’s new Contemporary Jewish Museum?

Life Without Buildings will resume when I figure out how to juggle 15 things at once. So…let’s say another week or so.

3 replies on “Kicked to the Curbed”

mr. stamp,

dont you know the story, the one about the man who raised a puppy? The puppy was a frisky little thing chasing frisbees all over alamo square. then one day a dapper man asked the man to start walking his three great danes every tueday and thursday in exchange for a new doghouse for his puppy…

well you know the rest…

the puppy got lost and ended up at the POUND

I love parables. And now I think I love being called “Mr. Stamp,” but that’s beside the point. Anyway, thanks for the warning, but rest easy. This puppy’s not lost yet.

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