Truck Commercial Architecture, pt 1

While watching football this weekend, I realized two things. 1) I hate the Dallas Cowboys (well, I already knew that, really) and 2) Truck commercials are CRAZY. More and more commercials are featuring insane testing facilities and truck torture devices. Usually this stuff is somewhere in the desert. This first example is like some sort of truck-testing trebuchet:

What the hell?

And here we have a seatless nightmare stadium, also in the desert, where a train engine attempts to tear apart the frame of a Nissan.

I’m hoping they use this arena in future commericals. Pitting truck against truck or an army of robot gladiators against truck, Coliseum style.

Now I’ve realized something new: The desert is awesome. I hope some of these are real. Or become real. And they start letting people watch. Maybe they could lease out cabins nearby where art patrons and NASCAR fans join together to spend the weekend watching Ford imagineers think of totally extreme new ways to show how well their trucks’ brakes work. I know there’s more of these out there, and I’m hoping document each and every one. This shit is crazy.

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