James and the Peach Giant

Because it’s been way too long since we’ve shown any giant statues on Life Without Buildings:

[image via The Cool Hunter]
“Ella” can be found lounging in the middle of Sydney, Australia. Made from 24,000 peaches, she is the delicous embodiment of Ella Baché’s motto, “skin good enough to eat” and the best way I can think of to launch into the weekend.

&#183 Ella Bache – Peaches [The Cool Hunter]
&#183 Gigantor Protects Kobe [LWB]

3 Replies to “James and the Peach Giant”

  1. You could try but the peaches are foam, pity.
    I was in Sydney for a friends birthday and we saw it, my friend was adamant it was her in peach form.

  2. That’s disappointing. Although understandable, I suppose. Real peaches might start rotting, which could make it look like the giant woman was aging poorly… and quickly. That’s probably not the best advertising for a makeup company

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