Truck Commercial Architecture pt 2

Truck commercials and football go together like…well, truck commercials and football. Therefore, it was no surprise to see a few more choice examples of my favorite new absurb architectural ephemera, “Truck Commercial Architecture,” during Superbowl Sunday. First up is the truck centrifuge, where a truck (For you car guys, I believe it’s a “red one”) is swung around by its bumper in a monumental industrial centrifuge:

Both completely sublime and completely ridiculous, it’s like these car companies have hired Etienne Boullee to art-direct their commercials. Notice how it says “closed centrifuge” at the bottom of the screen? This is no “dramatized testing demonstration” like the truck coliseum in last week’s post. This is real. And this truck has some serious bumpers.

Next up, in a Nissan Testing Facility hidden away in some deep underground bunker (probably below the desert), two giant robot arms shake the hell out of a couple of trucks.

Although I know it’s probably too good to be true, I’m hoping this one’s real because the idea of Nissan building an enormous underground chamber for the explicit purpose of holding two giant robot arms completely amazes me and fills me with hope. I’ve had enough of commercial storefronts and residential remodels; its time to design some Nissan testing facilities or Gundam prototype bunkers, dammit.

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