URBANbuild Breaks Ground on New House

>Last Month students at Tulane University School of Architecture broke ground on their fourth URBANbuild house. Each house explores a different structural systems, with this newest design utilizing structural insulated panels. Says program director Byron Mouton, “It is about giving students the opportunity to learn while giving neighborhoods other examples for living.” URBANbuild has partnered with local nonprofit, Neighborhood Housing Services, to find a homeowner for the new house, which is scheduled to be completed this May. As a design and construction program geared towards building affordable homes in inner city neighborhoods, URBANbuild is becoming the urban analogue to Auburn University’s Rural Studio. And with so many people still in need of homes, it couldn’t come at a better time.Previous URBANbuild homes:[GREENbuild studio – prefabricated modules][1930 Dumaine – wood frame construction][2826 Dryades – metal frame construction]· House No. 3 Rises for URBANbuild [New Wave]· Architecture School: as seen on TV [Life Without Buildings]· Modern in New Orleans [Old School LWB]

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6 thoughts on “URBANbuild Breaks Ground on New House”

  1. I don’t think renderings have been posted to the URBANbuild site for the 4th house. The only image available — the one used at the top of this post — is taken from the Tulane Newsletter. I’ll work on it.

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  3. I disagree with it being characterized as the urban analogue to Rural Studio. The Rural Studio’s latest project focused on affordability, costing $20,000, which is the threshold of affordable in their context. As well, they built for specific clients, while URBANbuild attempts to find buyers post-design and construction. By comparison, URBANbuild’s projects aren’t affordable in terms of who are able to purchase them. One number i heard for their listing price is $120,000. That’s cheap for a custom house, but definitely not one accessible to those who already live in the neighborhood.

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