What if NYC… Winners Announced!

“What if New York City…?”117 design teams representing 52 countries ventured to answer that ominously vague competition question and now ten winners have risen to the top with their solutions for post-disaster NYC emergency shelters. The unranked finalists will be awarded $10,000 to further develop their projects, with the possibility that one or more of the designs will be selected for prototyping. Jurors based their selection on criteria including flexibility, deployment, security, and sustainability. In brief, the winners:

For a lot more information on the winning projects, as well as over 100 additional selected entries, see the competition gallery. Life Without Buildings is torn between the Lego-based entry and the airship city.UPDATE: With dramatic prose and some incredible images, BLDGBLOG waxes fantastic on the aforementioned airship city submittal, designed by NYC-based Studio Lindfors.

…a part of me thinks that there’s no real reason to wait till disaster strikes; we could simply migrate into the sky. We will renew ourselves — literally airborne — in a vertical migration that evacuates the earth.        

· What if New York City… [Competition website]· We will migrate into the sky [BLDGBLOG]

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