Giant globes float over the runway for a Yves Saint Laurent show in Paris’ cavernous Grand Palais and my mind is completely blown. These images will haunt me all weekend. I had no idea fashion shows could be so… sublime.

And this Alexander McQueen show featured an enormous web of fluorescent lighting spun menacingly around his models – who apparently need to protect themselves with fantastical headgear that remind me of Bladerunner…if it were written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

And in non-architectural fashion news, Thom Browne’s pants have finally gotten too short.

· B&W images by Paolo Pellegrin for New York Magazine
· Found over at 2 or 3 Things


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  1. L.Cerre says:

    You landed the perfect word for YSL: sublime. If you watch the spring show on youtube, everything from the draping of the pants to the lo-fi futuristic music, makes for the compelling visual spectacle of the season…architecture is fashion…and agreed,the Grand Palais has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Rock on Jimmy!

    Will be back,


    2 or 3

  2. jimmy says:

    Hi Lee. Thanks for the link! With the music, the sets, the lighting and audience — these shows are almost operatic. Pretty amazing.

  3. Addictive Picasso says:

    The YSL giant globes *are* amazing! There’s a surrealist streak in YSL, way beyond giant handbags and window-pane spectacles.

    check out the phallic dress that featured in a recent performance by dancer Michael Clark in London. – :-O

  4. sanaz says:

    I will be so happy to recieve your new thing and designs…

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