The Photographs of Katherine Westerhout

In San Francisco this Thursday? Come on by and check out an encore presentation of Katherine Westerhout’s Detroit.

Thursday, 3 April, 6 – 9 pm
101 South Park
San Francisco, CA 94107

As a great American city bows under the impossible weight of time, Katherine Westerhout freezes the passing of Detroit and invites us to really look, and to consider the physical manifestions of the temporal world. Within the empty spaces of abandoned buildings, light and color fall across the architecture as it slowly deteriorates to reveal structure and to create new implications of space. These mysterious spaces, although devoid of human presence, are full of possibility.

Like Piranesi’s etchings captured the beauty of Roman Architecture through its ruins, so do Westerhout’s photographs present our own modern ruins. Her lens transforms these crumbling Midwestern interiors -often filled with reflective puddles of stagnant water and carved through by beams of sunlight -into picturesque landscapes of rich surfaces that are almost baroque with the excessive ornamentation of decay. The Ruin has been a part of the western visual art canon since the 17th century, and Katherine Westerhout’s large-scale images meaningfully continue this dialogue into our own time.

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[Images via Katherine Westerhout’s website]

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