Tutti Frutti Brings A Democratic Development Derangment

More than just an absurdly annoying Little Richard song, Tutti Frutti is a competition that gives anyone—developer, architect, investor, or average Joe—the chance to build their dream home on a canal in New Isliginton, Manchester. Competition organizers were inspired by the Borneo Sporenburg canal housing in Holland, but wanted to raise the bar by “making sure only the fruitiest (designs) are selected,” Located near FAT’s Islington Square social housing development, 26 canal-side plots were available, each one 15 meters deep with a cost between £160,000 – £200,000. Entrants had to show not only a promising design, but also the ability to pay for the lots, which severely vetted the field. The winning designs, as well as the arrangement of said designs, were decided by the incredibly adept and appropriate lineup of judges — Architect Will Alsop, Graphic Designer and Manchester’s official creative consultant, Peter Saville, BD Editor Ellis Woodman, and comedian Grif Rhys Jones.

The first six tutti-frutty houses to begin the construction process went in for approval last week and the UK’s telegraph took a closer look at three of the chosen designs.

1) In designing their home, “Perpetual Heights,” Peter Gunning and Paul Ingrouille took advantage of the full six-story height limit and included a custom elevator and stairway.

2) Designed by engineer Julian Broster and architect Rupert Goddard, this home features a treehouse-like lookout tower clad in willow branches, a ground floor living space, 3 stacked bedrooms, and a home office.

3) The most notable element in the design from Gary Cripps and Stuart Frost (who worked with architects Glen Ombler and Sarah Campbell) is the central atrium — complete with tree and retractable glass roof.

What structures will bookend this whimsical socio-architectural experiment? A pub and a vestry, of course.

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