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Two Frank Gehry buildings—one existing and one proposed—have found their way into the news lately…and not for good reasons.

ITEM 1: In NPR’s coverage of the Iowa floods, they took a look at the University of Iowa’s Advanced Technology Building, designed by Frank Gehry. Despite surrounding the signature, metal-clad building with sandbags, water has crept up to the door handles and faculty members have had to move sensitive equipment from the lower floors of the lab. Some incredibly powerful and all-too-familiar photographs accompany their report.

ITEM 2: The new masterplan for expanding the facilities at Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design includes a new Frank Gehry designed Digital Research Center. The plan—deemed by many to be essential to the university’s future—is up against opposition from those who think the money could be better spent onthings like, you know…education. More info in this LA Times article.


8 Responses to Gehry On Campus and In the News

  1. Marcus says:

    Is image 2 from the NPR gallery, the flooded Gehry building from above?

    (The flash gallery won’t let me link directly to the image…)

  2. Fotobuch says:

    So sad!! They should do something about the existing building then go for a new project.

  3. Erik says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! is this architectural karma? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! serves Gehry right. Too bad about the labs though…

  4. kevic says:

    At first I got excited and thought Gehry had taken some inspiration from Kahn. Honestly, the water adds a lot to the design.

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  6. Irulsastra says:

    i so sad look this case, why great university in America flooded,i think why American architect do not build a building that secure from flood.

  7. yudikiting says:

    just one word…no body is perfect

  8. jAke says:

    I’m curious, was the building built below the 100-year flood plain? If so, why didn’t Gehry Assoc. and U of I consider the impact of such an event? I do however agree with Kevic, a flooded Gehry building does seem ironically beautiful.