Hadid Proposal: REJECTED


[images via The Architect’s Journal]

Zaha Hadid has proposed a very Zaha Hadid extension to the Middle East Centre at St Antony’s College in Oxford. Alas, it is not too be. Designed around a delightfully academic and relatively simple program of reading room, library, storage, and lecture hall, the proposed addition, known as The Softbridge (does that name make anyone else a little uncomfortable?), was found to be “in constant competition with its neighbours.” And it’s not just the exterior that has been found wanting — the committee also questioned the layout of the addition, which placed the library’s archive behind a south-facing glass wall. Ms. Hadid’s buildings tend towards the object-in-the-park, but upon her return to the drawing board, surely she can make an effort to create something that’s more of a response and less of a statement. Click through for more images of what never will be…


[images via The Architect’s Journal]


[images via The Architect’s Journal]

&#183 Zaha’s Oxford college extension branded ‘awkward’ [The Architect’s Journal]

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She “placed the library’s archive behind a south-facing glass wall.” I’m quite disturbed when basic organizational logics are replaced with formalism. Surely that’s a step-backward for the discipline, no?

from what i have seen of her recent work, this is a typical zaha hadid solution to a program.
this woman is a menace to the discipline of architecture. too much formal hubris with too little content that makes a difference.
i think the time has come for her to be vilified, discredited and thrown out with the trash.

If you met her and spoke with her at any length, you would probably come away from the encounter as I did, muttering to yourself, “Wow, what an arrogant, self-obsessed, egomaniac! Must have read “The Fountainhead” too many times and taken that trash literally.”

That, or looking this and other of her designs, watched too much Jetsons as a child.

When she was our visiting prof. we called her, “Zahahahahah . . .” behind her (considerable) back.”

Such animosity towards Zaha.. Surely, she has to have some supporters out there. Hello? Anyone? Oh well. RalphNg – for a minute, I thought you were coming to her defense. It’s good to know she lives up to her reputation, I suppose. (I wonder how many architects have been ruined by The Fountainhead?)

Recently, I was lucky enough to speak with Daniel Libeskind and he really surprised me. He was incredibly kind and clearly passionate about architecture. I dare say inspiring. After our meeting, I left convinced that although his buildings aren’t…his intentions truly are and he puts a lot of though into each design.

The stuffy Oxford atmosphere must never be challenged by anything as otherworldly as this.

By God, the Fountainhead was simply a manual on how to attain popularity ;)

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