Rem Koolhaas and Prada Team Up on Art Force Field in Milan

[image via ARTINFO]

Rem Koolhaas’ most recent collaboration with Miuccia Prada isn’t a store in Dubai or a high-rise in New York, it’s an ambitious interdisciplinary arts center in Milan. Koolhaas will transform an industrial complex in the Italian city for the Prada Foundation, whose director says the project’s goal is “to create a force field in which all artistic languages might converge and radiate energies that reach beyond the walls containing them into the urban context.” A force field of art. The design wil add an auditorium, tower and an exhibition building to the seven existing structures and courtyard. These new buildings will house multi-media studios and play host to symposia on architecture, cinema, and of course, fashion. Sounds interesting, right? But what about something a little simpler..?

Koolhaas has done a lot for Prada, but has he ever designed a runway show for the fashion giant? I’d love to see his convergence of programs and his ideas of public vs private space made manifest on a runway. Hotdog vendors and supermodels could share a mobius-like platform while the beautiful people in the audience mingle with the homeless. Using top of the line rendering technology, I’ve put together an image of what this might look like:

Looking at that image, I just can’t understand why Koolhaas hasn’t dabbled more in the runway game.

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Ok then. I stand corrected.

“The catwalk plays with perceptions of space by taking a 3-dimensional structure and flattening it against the surrounding showspace. The result is a large-scale paper model whose ephemeral quality supports the reinventing notion of fashion.”

Love it. Thanks for the link.

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