“Building Blogs” on Current TV

Current TV ran a brief feature today introducing viewers to the wide world of Architecture Blogs. Mentioned in the piece were BLDGBLOG, Life Without Buildings, Tropolism, City of Sound, and A Daily Dose of Architecture. Life Without Buildings is planning on using this as a launching point for a new sitcom / detective show, also titled, Life Without Buildings. It will probably be a hilarious yet poignant romp about twenty-something friends (probably designers and the like) learning about life and love while working and blogging in The Big City. And solving mysteries. And it’ll be so damn culture savvy your blog will melt and you’ll grow to follow the characters’ lives like they’re your real-life secret online crush — because they will be. The socio-cultural impact will be profound to say the least. Did I mention that they’ll also solve mysteries? Network execs, feel free to drop me a line. Video embedded after the jump.

Building Blogs [Current TV]